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December 16, 2008
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This is a weblog focused on Online Discernment Ministries (ODMs). I’ve been on the perimeter of their influence for some time, and after seeing a passing mention of someone’s desire for a field guide to ODMs or “ODMs for Dummies” I decided to take some time out from other things that interest me and give this some attention for a while.

I am mostly interested in identifying who they are and how one subject instead of another merits their attention. I’m also interested in how they tell stories, and why.

I’m not especially interested in setting anyone straight; I’m a fairly conservative Christian, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve moved away from a falsus in uno, falsus in omibus attitude and more toward a “liberty in non-essentials, charity in all things” attitude. I believe that Christianity is best founded on Scripture interpreted historically and grammatically, understood first as it was heard and understood by the original hearers and readers, as best we can tell. And so I am inclined to side with the ODMs on a lot of issues.

I just wish they’d choose to be a little kinder to those of us who doubt and disagree.

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