every five hundred years

December 18, 2008

As best I can tell, Phyllis Tickle is arguing that because of a cultural shift, Protestantism as we know it is giving way to something currently known as the Emergent Church. I’m guessing it will be called something else once it emerges. She has a list of things that are aspects of this shift; I don’t know what they are, but Jonathan Brink quotes her as saying there are forty-four of them. He lists three; well, two and a half:

  • A change in how the Church (Universal?) addresses homosexuality
  • A move away from Sola Scriptura
  • A reversal of the division she sees as a consequence of Sola Scriptura

Ken Silva (Apprising Ministries) visited Brink at the link above; if I understand him correctly he focuses on the move away from Sola Scriptura first and the issue of homosexuality second at his weblog. Via discusses Tickle’s book, collects some related links, and lays out a couple of points, both about the relationship between culture and the Gospel: cultures shape spiritual trends and press compromise on the Gospel.

Brink rightly questions why these historical arcs are roughly 500 years long (and not, say, fifty).

I haven’t seen that list of 44 things yet.


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