OT Today 19 December 2008

December 19, 2008

Links links links. We’re still refining our method here, so please bear with us.

  • John Baker links to an article by James Thomas on speaking the truth in love. Thomas’s article includes a reference to Walter Ralston Martin.
  • Apologetics Index links to Chapter 9 of Ron Enroth’s 1992 book Churches That Abuse: Abusive Churches Make Leaving Painful.
  • Steve Knight presents videos featuring Phyllis Tickle and Peter Rollins on emerging/emergent/emergence as terms to describe their movement.
  • Paul Procter parses the Share International/Maitreya announcement that appeared via PRNewswire on the MarketWatch website last week.
  • Pew Forum: Many Americans Say Other Faiths Can Lead to Eternal Life
  • Lighthouse Trails links to Paul Procter.
  • La Shawn Barber endorses Obama’s selection of Warren.
  • Reformata.org comments on Warren’s statement on Obama invocation. I count six rhetorical questions, all about abortion.
  • Ingrid Schleuter comments on Obama/Warren, cites a Chicago Tribune piece by self-proclaimed seeker Manya Brachear, who coines the term “purpose-driven presidency.” Reformata.org links to Schlueter’s post.
  • Ingrid Schleuter links to this YouTube video from user Starlitshores entitled “Fetal Development” and refers to “the inauguration of our pro-death President and Rick Warren who will pray God’s blessings on him.” Reformata.org me-toos, without the embedded video.
  • Ingrid Schlueter comments on Warren’s statement on Obama invocation. I count six rhetorical questions, all about abortion. She also adds a link to a Jim Brown column at the American Family Network’s OneNewsNow claiming the Obama Administration is planning a “$1.5 billion ‘bailout’ of the abortion industry.” Brown quotes from the legislative action alert at the Susan B. Anthony list, and quotes its chairman, Marjorie Dannenfelser.
  • John Baker picks up the Share International/Maitreya story, with comments.
  • Reformata.org passes on a press release from Troy Newman at Operation Rescue, via Christian Newswire, regarding the Obama/Warren invocation.
  • Jeffrey Whittaker returns with part two of  his series on William Young’s novel The Shack.
  • Ingrid Schlueter links to an editorial over at World Net Daily by Matt Barber entitled “Today’s Baal Worshipers.” In it he quotes John Mabray, pastor at Rivermont Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Lynchburg, VA: “The principal pillars of Baalism were child sacrifice, sexual immorality (both heterosexual and homosexual) and pantheism (reverence of creation over the Creator).” Barber goes on to say “But it’s not just self-styled ‘progressives’ or secular humanists who have adopted the fundamental pillars of Baalism. In these postmodern times, we’ve also been graced, regrettably, by the advent of counter-biblical ’emergent Christianity’ or ‘quasi-Christianity,’ as I prefer to call it. ” Barber is among other things associate dean of the Liberty University Law School.
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