Rick Warren and the Council on Foreign Relations

December 21, 2008

This is a new one by me; it wouldn’t have occurred to me to ask whether a megachurch pastor, even one who has written a best-selling book, was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. But here it is:

  • At Extreme Theology
  • At World Net Daily, in an article written by founder Joseph Farah, where he cites a private email exchange between himself and Warren, and a denial by John Mogush, who says Warren was asked and declined
  • Berit Kjos cites the article by Farah, but only the claim by Farah, not the counterclaim by Mogush
  • Warren himself claims to have been invited to speak to the Council on Foreign Relations, but does not mention an invitation, much less membership.
  • Again from Joseph Farah, in an earlier article citing the same email exchange
  • A post by Hannah Bell here refers to Rich Warren and the CFR in its subject line, but as best I can tell it doesn’t connect the dots. See also here.
  • Another article by Berit Kjos mentions Warren having spoken to the CFR, but just asks rhetorical questions.

The whole thing reminds me of a certain book by Gary Allen.


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