Rob Dreher: Rick Warren a gay marriage “moderate”

December 22, 2008
State of same-sex unions in the United States.
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Rob Dreher (Crunchy Con) parses the results of a recent Newsweek poll on among other things gay marriage/civil unions and points out that Rick Warren‘s published opinions on the matter put him in the majority: sixty-two percent of respondents are either in favor of civil unions instead of marriage, or are against any legal recognition of gay couples.

Comments so far are disappointing but run the usual gamut; I’d like to think the current Obama/Warren spat is a teachable moment for somebody, but nobody’s currently self-identifying as teachable.

Update 1: Rob’s come back to this topic again here: Why Are Gays Picking this Rick Warren Fight?

It’s funny how gay activists accuse their religious opponents of being obsessed about homosexuality, but they’re the ones who believe that a Christian minister’s stance on gay marriage should be the deciding factor in whether or not he gets to pray at a civic event.

Update 2: and again; Rob clearly knows an editorial goldmine when he sees one: Is Rick Warren for Civil Unions?

Still, he said nothing about civil unions. The closest he came was saying that California has a domestic partnership law — but Warren neither praised it nor condemned it.

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One Response to “Rob Dreher: Rick Warren a gay marriage “moderate””

  1. andeeroo Says:

    Liberals will not get Christians and Jews to throw over the teachings of the Torah or the Bible.

    On the other hand, people of faith will not browbeat or strong arm those seeking same sex marriage into their worldview.

    When two guys from opposite viewpoints decide to bow their heads before the creator of the universe – look out!
    The long knives come out.

    May I invite you to consider my personal “outing?”

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