OD Today: 27 December 2008

December 27, 2008

Today should be a slow news day, but there’s still lots to talk about regarding stories that surfaced over the holiday.

  • Dwayna Litz comments on the Ahmadinejad Christmas message, but stops just short of calling the Emerging Church anti-Semitic.
  • John Baker comments on Melissa Etheridge’s comments regarding Rick Warren, accuses Warren of double-dealing: “This is a game that Rick Warren constantly plays. He speaks one false message to the Non-Christian World, and speaks another one filled with half-Truths to those Christians who follower after him!”
  • Orrin Judd parses Moby-Dick as a metaphor for the United States and its current situation.
  • Ken Silva attacks Henri Nouwen as being “quasi-Buddhist,” mostly via his interpretation of Wil Hernandez’s book Henri Nouwen: A Spirituality of Imperfection. He repeatedly refers to Hernandez as “Fernandez.”
  • Orrin Judd says good-bye to Harold Pinter. “Any enemy of America was a friend of his. Do we really need to know any more?”
  • Ingrid Schlueter criticizes Franklin Graham for his comments on Rick Warren’s critics regarding his decision to give the invocation at the Obama inauguration. “As Joseph Farah put it, God isn’t going to bless that no matter what Warren intones at the inauguration. The Graham family has made a practice of speaking smooth, silky, easy messages to U.S. Presidents.”
  • Ingrid Schlueter picks up a One News Now story regarding Rick Warren’s support of “gay partnerships.” I think this means he supports civil unions.
  • John Sexton links to an article in the Telegraph (UK) by Nile Gardiner at the Heritage Foundation praising George W. Bush and saying history will be kinder to him than we are now.
  • Howard Fisher reviews the novel House, by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker; says he prefers the movies Signs and Unbreakable.
  • Charismania picks up the story of the pseudonymous “Living Word Church,” republishes this comment about Bob Mumford by Cindy K, both about how the pastor of a cultic church controls an inner circle. For the record, I don’t give stories that use pseudonyms much credit; they don’t and can’t rise to the “two or three witnesses” standard. On the other hand, as she notes in the comment, Cindy Kunsman names names. Bravo for Cindy!
  • Gay Christian Movement Watch calls out Candace Chellew-Hodge for using foul language on her weblog.
  • Brian Thornton links to this article about churches in foreclosure and behind on mortgage payments, asks if churches should be “cash only.”
  • Thomas Turner, one of those Emergent Church types, on the centrality of Scripture in the liturgy: “Christ is Lord of all, and he stands in the center of all as the Word of God enfleshed as Jesus of Nazareth and ever-present before us through his Spirit.” 

2 Responses to “OD Today: 27 December 2008”

  1. Cindy K Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m Cindy Kunsman who made the original comment noted above. I am a real person who attended the New Covenant churches in the Baltimore/DC Corridor, affiliated at one time with the Christian Growth Ministries and avid followers of Bill Gothard. The elder at our church there was the “Bob Mumford car washer,” and anyone who attended that church and knew him would know exactly who I am talking about. Anyone interested in details and corroboration can feel free to link over to my website and send me questions.

    Of all the odd things that went on at that place, this is one of the easiest things to corroborate. 😉 It was prolific behavior.

  2. Cindy K Says:

    Hello again.

    I returned here because after thinking about how common this behavior really is in churches of this mindset, I wanted to convey that message well. I believe that the individual who did wash Bob Mumford’s car believes so strongly in the principle that he would be more than happy to tell you all about it. He is now an Anglican Priest, and if you don’t mention my name or my pseudonym, I’m sure he’d feel that he was spreading the truth of the Word of God by sharing this with you. (Don’t mention me however, because I was cursed by the group for leaving their “spiritual covering” against the wishes of the elders and pastor. I am considered to be apostate and for rebelling against their authority.)

    But also, you might find the context of the discussion that prompted the comment quite interesting as well, found here:

    The practice can be easily corroborated by examining Vision Forum materials. Wives and daughters serve their heads of household and further their vision by rendering their lives to the patriarch in loving submission. The comment was prompted by the discussion of a whole family in Hondo, TX that travels at least 50 miles to provide free housekeeping, nanny and groundskeeping services to the president of Vision Forum Ministires (a group that essentially took all of their doctrine from Bill Gothard and tightened it up a bit). They are not paid, but this is seen as their act of worship and Christian service. The mother’s work as housekeeper is not mentioned on the video (something that I thought was common knowledge within these circles in San Antonio while I lived there), but in the “Return of the Daughters” video sold by Vision Forum, the daughter and son are featured. Their Christian service is applauded as well as the service that daughters provide to their fathers who are said to be helpmeets to their fathers until they are given in marriage under a strict courtship model. This video features many young women who have “returned” and have turned their hearts towards fathers instead of whoring themselves to the world. These same sentiments can be found in a book written by the filmmakers called “So Much More” and to a lesser degree, in a Vision Forum book called “Passionate Housewives.” The housewives book actually describes a toilet scrubbing act of Christian service which is why I chose to describe this practice using said examples.

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