Rick Warren to bloggers: “Get a life.”

December 27, 2008

Rick Warren’s News & Views:

  • Affirms that God created sex to be enjoyed by a man and a woman within a marriage.
  • Denies that homosexuality is the same as incest, etc.
  • Opposes redefinition of marriage.
  • Affirms that gay relationships are “contrary to God’s Word.”
  • Affirms that God gives people free choice.
  • Affirms that God calls us to love everyone.
  • Believes that no American or church should be discriminated against because of his/its beliefs. 
  • Believes people should be able to designated anyone as a beneficiary. And should be able to allow anyone to visit them while in the hospital. Believes hospital visitation is a non-issue.
  • Affirms importance of civility as opposed to rudeness.
  • Opposes theocracy; affirms importance of free society.
  • Blames media for fanning flames of controversy; says media caricatures political candidates.
  • Says he was a long-time friend of Barack Obama; disagrees with him on some of his positions.
  • Says an evangelical pastor’s support of traditional marriage should not be news.
  • Repeats “hand in hand/eye to eye” line.
  • Recounts experience of inviting Obama to Saddleback, HIV test.
  • Says Obama did not preach at his church.
  • Says its an honor to be part of any inauguration of any President.
  • Wants “new day of civil discourse.”
  • Says will respond to “Christophobia” with love.
  • Says Jesus died for everyone.
  • Reaffirms importance/centrality of PEACE Plan.
  • Says 20,000 new believers have been baptized at Saddleback in the last ten years.
  • Says Saddleback is a generous church, recounts instances of Saddleback people giving more than a million dollars.
  • Announces Purpose-Driven Connection/Purpose-Driven Network, including electronic services and a new quarterly magazine, partnership with Readers Digest.


Thanks to Todd Beeton at Direct Democracy/myDD.


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