Chris Rosebrough end-of-year issues (2008)

January 1, 2009

Chris Rosebrough’s end-of-year recap is here, at Extreme Theology. Here are the bullets:

  • Marijuana ministers Green Earth Ministries. Article from A Little Leaven here.
  • 30-day sex challenge: Paul Wirth/Relevant Church. Mahalo link here. Ed Young followed suit with a seven-day sex challenge. Ed Young’s own video is here, but it’s a private video; see also lots of comments there. 
  • The Mountain Lake Church/Naked Church campaign. The article from A Little Leaven with video and link is here.
  • The Oaks Fellowship for its television-themed sermon series. See here for a GodTube video for Real Life: Dancing With The Stars part 5.
  • Gay Episcopal bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori.
  • Exegesis of nursery rhymes (Wayne Dyer). Link with video at A Little Leaven.
  • Pastor (Chad Smith) and family for sale on eBay (link).
  • Christian rap, particularly Act Like a Christian/Lean like a Cholo (video).
  • Obama Be They Name (video).
  • Saddleback/Simply Youth High School Musical 3 Bible Study.
  • Bill Scheer of Guts Church “I Am Not A Sinner” (link).
  • Sonseed’s “Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine.” (video).
  • Brian McLaren on the Bleeding Purple podcast, refuting the doctrine of Hell (audio with pictures). 
  • The Voice Bible
  • Rob Bell’s appearance at Seeds of Compassion; (A Little Leaven, Youth Ministries Alert).
  • Peter Popoff’s Miracle Manna (video).
  • Mike Murdock’s miracle seeds (link, video).
  • Paula White & Larry Huck’s Seven Places Jesus Shed His Blood (video).
  • Todd Bentley’s Florida Outpouring (head kick video).
  • Patricia King’s sapphire glitter (link).
  • Granger Community Church’s Reveal Study (link).
  • The Shack (book website).
  • John Crowder & Ben Dunn and their spiritual intoxication (video).
  • Dutch Sheets interprets a dream (link).
  • Rick Pino’s “You Spin Me Round” (video).
  • Jane Dratz’s How To Share Your Faith Using Paris Hilton’s My New BFF (link).
  • Rob Bell’s lectio divina (link, with parody sketch).
  • Rick Warren, generally, but in particular his appearance on The Colbert Report.

One Response to “Chris Rosebrough end-of-year issues (2008)”

  1. steff Says:

    Good list!I was jus looking for some stuff and it saved me some time.thanks for summary

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