Israel vs. Hamas

January 1, 2009

ODMs usually take Israel’s side in whatever conflict it is in, for reasons I won’t attempt to explain here. Here are some links from people who are definitely not ODMs, also taking Israel’s side, saying Israel has the moral high ground, and it’s not even close:

  • Yesterday Jordon Cooper commented on Gaza, linked to an article by Warren Kinsella
  • Rod Dreher gives a breakdown of an article by Robert Leiber, from the Washington Post. “Israel wants to reach a two-state solution so Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace side by side. Hamas wants to destroy Israel and any Palestinians who want to make peace with Israel.” (Dreher)

2 Responses to “Israel vs. Hamas”

  1. Bob Cornwall Says:

    There are many pro-Israeli groups, many supported by American Christians — so-called Christian Zionists that are as adamant as Hamas about making sure that no 2 state settlement is completed.

  2. onlinediscernmenttoday Says:

    Thanks Bob. That’s what surprises me about the posts I cited; I believe all these guys support Palestinian independence as part of a two-state solution.

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