This is a weblog devoted to trends in Online Discernment Ministries.

Please leave links to ODMs, their sources, and/or their detractors in the comments here, or email me at onlinediscernmenttoday@gmail.com.

I am still refining a method here; please be patient with me: I am striving for a neutral tone, etc. and don’t always succeed.


9 Responses to “About”

  1. At this page, https://onlinediscernmenttoday.wordpress.com/2009/01/05/od-today-5-january-2009-late-edition/

    you state,

    Richard Abanes pushes a book and video by Stephen Singular investigating the Warren Jeffs/FLDS group.

    However, that linked site has nothing to do with me. And I know nothing about Stephen Singular, his book, or video. Please correct your #7.

    Also, I am not part of the ODM movement.,

    Thank you,

    Richard Abanes

  2. Ken Silva Says:

    “I am striving for a neutral tone, etc. and don’t always succeed.”

    Yeah, I noticed the digs at Ingrid Schlueter. Guess you’d better try harder.

    She signs her name to what she writes yet you don’t disclose who you are.

    You sure don’t want people to accuse you of being spineless.

  3. onlinediscernmenttoday Says:

    Ken —

    Thanks for visiting the site and for your kind comments. I’ll be sure to watch my tone. I’d appreciate any comments you could offer regarding particular digs.

    I’m not entirely comfortable running a weblog without using my real name, but (rightly or wrongly) I consider it an editorial choice, on par with (say) running a weblog without allowing comments.

    While I have your attention, could I ask you a few questions? Of all of the ODMs I think yours is one of the most interesting, and I’m curious as to your method:

    First of all, is there anyone else at Apprising Ministries? I usually refer to anything coming from AM as being by Ken Silva, because I haven’t yet seen an article attributed to anyone else.

    Second, how do you choose what to post about? How do you decide which topics are worth your time?

    Finally, how do you decide which sources are worthwhile? In particular, how do you decide which secondary sources are credible?

    Thanks for your time, and thanks again for stopping by.

  4. Ken Silva Says:

    Um ….,

    Those are interesting questions. Unfortunately I’m not entirely comfortable having a conversation with someone not using their real name.

    Rightly or wrongly, I consider it an editorial choice, on par with (say) running a weblog without using one’s real name and then saying things like: “I’m still waiting for Schlueter to vent similar bile on greedy people.”

    Thanks for your time, and thanks again for asking the questions.

  5. onlinediscernmenttoday Says:

    Ken —

    Thanks for your honesty. I’ll find some other way to say that.

    I’m sorry to let you down regarding real names; I can understand that being a concern. My real name wouldn’t actually be helpful, and it might cause me complications at my workplace regarding the number of hours I spend on an average day working on a non-work-related weblog.

    Just out of curiosity, if I were to use my real name would you start to allow comments on your weblog?

  6. Ken Silva Says:

    No letdown; sorry. Perhaps you flatter yourself a bit, no.

    Just out of curiosity, what does your making anonymous jibes about e.g. Ingrid Schlueter have to with comments vs. no comments at weblogs I may have?

  7. onlinediscernmenttoday Says:

    Ken —

    Thanks for asking; my not using my real name and you not allowing comments at your weblog are both editorial choices.

  8. Ken Silva Says:

    ? –

    Indeed they are but my point is they are not equated.

    Everyone knows who’s critiquing them at Apprising Ministries, comments allowed or not.

  9. TO: The Mysterious Onlinediscernmenttoday
    FR: Richard Abanes

    I’ve posted a very important article that is beginning to get some attention online. It addresses this new “cult” of sorts, which has come to be known as the Online Discernment Ministry (ODM) crowd.


    It’s appropriately titled, “Don’t Believe Everything You Read…On the Internet”

    It is complimented by a new article by Pastor James McDonald, who has written his own article on Internet slanderers and accusers of the brethren (I link it in my article).

    The Body of Christ is finally beginning to pull the mask away from these ODMs to reveal their true nature, purpose, drive, and goals.


    Richard Abanes

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