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More Joel Hunter links

January 26, 2009

As I noted yesterday, This American Life recently did a pretty good job of capturing evangelicals’ unhappiness with Rick Warren‘s appearance at Barack Obama‘s inauguration, and they followed it with an interview with Joel Hunter. Little did I realize that Hunter is a once and future news item as one of the pastors Obama has consulted during evangelical-focused listening tours. Here are some links:

  • Joel Hunter Leads Blessing for Obama (Christianity Today).
  • Joel Hunter (Wikipedia). Biographical information including his past denominational affiliations and positions on various issues including climate change.
  • Joel Hunter: Democrats Could “Steal the Title of the Pro-Life Party” (BeliefNet). “If we insist on keeping this an ideological war we’re literally not saving the babies we could save. The Democrats have a huge opportunity here to really steal the thunder from those who are seen as traditionally pro life.”
  • Who Is Joel Hunter, and Why is Obama Praying With Him? (Time). “Hunter shares his movement’s typical pro-life and anti-gay-marriage social commitments. But he became best known to the mainstream press in 2006 when an arrangement for him to take over as head of the Christian Coalition, the political machine founded by Pat Robertson, imploded as it became clear that Hunter intended to steer it into more moderate waters. He has since made a name (and Fundamentalist foes) combating global warming, championing comprehensive immigration reform and extolling a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Less ambiguously than any other leader (including Purpose-Driven Life author Rick Warren, who hedges more bets), Hunter is the avatar of the New Evangelicalism…”

Go figure.


Joel Hunter on This American Life 372

January 25, 2009

Joel Hunter of Northland Church and author of A New Kind of Conservative appears on last week’s episode of This American Life. Evidently Barack Obama reached out to him before his current relationship with Rick Warren.

There’s nothing groundbreaking here, especially to people who have been following the uproar over Warren’s inaugural prayer.

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