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OD Today: 29 December 2008

December 29, 2008

I’m still trying to do some backing and filling on the KJV Only movement, so a couple of today’s links are fairly old. I’m still looking for Pro-KJV-Only weblogs and/or YouTube streams; most everything seems to be from KJV-Only detractors.

  • YouTube user TellittoJesus takes on KJV Only, particularly Bill Bradley’s book Purified Seven Times. He considers the KJV Only Movement “the spirit of the Antichrist.”
  • Jerry at CRN.Info quotes from this article by William Murchison asking if looking to older stages in a particular Christian tradition is helpful if that tradition doesn’t faithfully represent Jesus and His teachings. Some coarse language due to a quote from a book by Robert Penn Warren.
  • Blogger KittyKit quotes this article by Thomas Horn: “As a Christian researcher and author of two books on the New Age, I find the increasing regularity of UFO sightings prophetically intriguing,” and in another post quotes this older editorial on Anne Rice and vampires.
  • John Baker quotes without comment this article from CNS News about 2009 being a crucial year in the debate about homosexuality and human rights. “Homosexuality is not a human right, [Gary] Bauer said.”
  • John Baker links with scripture verses but no additional comments to this response by someone referred to only by the initials “S.S.” to this announcement of an Assemblies of God missions drive called Invasion of America with the Gospel. The original announcement by Zollie Smith Jr, Executive Director of Missions for the Assemblies of God, includes the sentence “No one deserves to spend eternity in the lake of fire.” I’m not going to try to parse all the buzzwords and name-calling here to figure out if this is a sign of creeping Universalism or just a poor choice of words.
  • Dwayna Litz links to Nicholas Jackson’s column at News With Views with a suggested prayer for Rick Warren to pray at Barack Obama‘s inauguration.
  • Dwayna Litz offers links for people who are witnessing to cultists: Witnesses for Jesus, Inc. and Walter Martin’s Religious InfoNet.
  • Brian Thornton congratulates Focus on the Family for pulling its CitizenLink article promoting Glenn Beck’s book The Christmas Sweater, links to this Drew Zahn article at World Net Daily. Zahn’s piece does a poor job of explaining the differences between Mormon and evangelical Christian theology, summarizes Beck’s book, quotes Joel Campbell of the Mormon Times, and notes that World Net Daily is selling Beck’s book. I’m going to pass on the chance to say World Net Daily is “promoting Mormonism,” but that looks like profiteering to me.
  • Dwayna Litz recommends Jeff Sharlet‘s book The Family, and says she’s ordering a copy tonight. Jeff Sharlet has written several long-form pieces on the Religious Right, all of which merit reading. He’s one of the few mainstream journalists I’ve found who seems to speak the language, but he’s not personally a conservative Christian and his objections to what he’s seeing and reporting can be a bit difficult to tease out from time to time. His primary Web outlet is The Revealer.
  • ODM detractor Jerry at CRN.Info engages in the first part of a discussion with Jesus Wants To Save Christians, by Rob Bell and Don Golden.
  • Brian Thornton comments on Rick Warren’s “gay partnership” comment, calls it heresy.
  • James White shares a video from Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church, where he responds to Bart Ehrman and John Dominic Crossans, and their claims that Mark and Luke present substantially different accounts of Jesus’s crucifixion. The video is forty-three minutes long, and I have to admit I haven’t watched it all. The direct link to the YouTube video is here.
  • Lighthouse Trails comments on a Christianity Today interview with Franklin Graham regarding Rick Warren’s opportunity to pray at the Barack Obama inauguration. “We present this article as an example of how Christian leaders (such as Graham) are not warning the body of Christ about Rick Warren’s teachings and beliefs that include a three-legged global peace plan and the new reformation/new spirituality.”
  • John Sexton picks up the Seabreeze Church financial situation. He attended this church and was part of the building search committee, and he fills in details missing from the Times story; he blames the pastor, Bevan Unrau: “The senior pastor (forlorn man) spent four months at the end of 2007 talking about his authority. We heard about it at a men’s retreat, then in sermons, then in leadership meetings. He made it clear to everyone that he was the sole decision maker for the church. Then he preceded to fire the church secretary, the youth pastor and the worship pastor. I quit shortly thereafter. Other quit too. About 150 people left the church over the next three months. And, surprise, the church began to struggle financially.” For the record, I don’t think there is enough of this sort of name-naming when a church is in trouble: Sexton relates fact claims that can be verified or falsified, and that puts his account head and shoulders above most of the troubled-church narratives I’ve read and heard.
  • Sharon Lindbloom suggests that the LDS Church is mixing Joseph Smith into their Christmas observance, in a role that is similar to the way Santa Claus is mixed into Christmas observance in the broader culture.
  • John Baker quotes an article from the Pak Tribune that claims Prince Charles of England says the “clash of civilizations could be averted by following the teaching of Islam and Quran.” For the record, the article is not a direct quote. In the comments there’s this link with comment by Tony Blair: “‘In the first place, you understand what it means to believe. What you often find is that you immediately have something in common with another person of faith, even if he belongs to a different religion. As well as that, one is interested in other religions. One’s motivation is greater. I regularly read the Koran, practically every day,’ Blair told the interviewer. He said the Prophet Mohammed had been ‘an enormously civilizing force.'”
  • Michael Davis links and comments regarding a One News Now story regarding an ACLU lawsuit over explicitly Christian prayers at the Forsythe County, North Carolina board meetings. Davis appeals to the example of the framers of the Constitution: “Apparently, those who wrote the Constitution in the first place did not think that prayer was a violation of their efforts and many but not all of the prayers did reference Jesus.”
  • fourpointer at Defending Contending offers the twenty-second article in a series of fifty responses to Mormon questions, regarding whether Mormons are monotheistic, polytheistic, or as fourpointer states, henotheistic.
  • John Baker copies an article from Berit Kjos, relating Robert Muller’s World Peace Plan 2010. The original appears to be here.
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OD Today: 26 December 2008

December 26, 2008

So much for peace on earth and goodwill toward men. Here are the links for today:

OD Today: 18 December 2008

December 18, 2008

Here’s a summary of the day (more or less) in online discernment:

  • John Baker suggests that the Lisa Valentine hijab case wasn’t a cut-and-dried religious freedom case.
  • Frank Pastore comments on Prop 8: The Musical.
  • John Baker calls out Pat Robertson for saying Rick Warren’s appearance at the Barack Obama invocation “makes a whole lot of sense.”
  • James White shares a video responding to an appearance by (former Christian, convert to Islam) Joshua Evans’s appearance on The Deen Show. No transcript is available; most of the discussion has to do with the relationship between the early Church and the Dead Sea Scrolls and the question of whether Jesus meant to found a religion separate from Judaism. The whole series of YouTube videos can be found here.
  • John Baker links to a post by Ingrid Schleuter taking Rick Warren to task for scheduling an appearance at the 8th Annual Muslim Public Affairs Council meeting in Long Beach, CA this Saturday.
  • John Baker interprets Mark 11:24,25 and talks about a church he left over Oneness Theology. He doesn’t name the church. He says God’s sovereignty is limited by His Word.
  • Ken Silva discusses Jesus’s position on homosexuality with Bruce Gerencser.
  • Ingrid Schlueter responds to news that (among others) homosexuals are upset at Rick Warren’s scheduled appearance at the upcoming inauguration: “I have a message for the outraged: Relax and go back to your bathhouses. It will all work out.”
  • Michael Davis links to a Christianity Today article on the plight of Iraqi Christians, comments that American soldiers typically leave their protection to Iraqi authorities. I think the issue he’s approaching here is the question of how the troops from a Christian nation could decline to intervene on behalf of native Christians, especially when the troops are one of the reasons the indigenous Christians are under pressure.
  • John Baker comments on a letter to WBRZ (Channel 2, Baton Rouge, LA) by a man offended when “a minister gave an invocation that spoke only of Jesus Christ.”
  • John Baker links to a Fox News article referring to an article on global warming by AP science writer Seth Borenstein, focusing on the reaction by global warming skeptics David Deming, Michael R. Fox, and James O’Brien.
  • Mollie Ziegler parses the Lisa Valentine/hijab story.
  • Ingrid Schlueter announces a Crosstalk episode to the Warren/Obama inauguration: “I’ll be discussing the issue of neutrality on moral issues in light of Rick Warren’s agreement to pray for God’s blessing on Barack Obama’s Administration which is committed to the unspeakable evil of child killing, among other things.”
  • James White broaches the subject of “KJV Onlyism.”
  • James White nearly admits to being a baby-eating Calvinist. He also recognizes the primary purpose of the World Wide Web, namely as a repository for pictures of housecats.
  • Ken Silva posted a summary of a discussion he had regarding the question of Christian homosexuals with Dave Marriott, Erica Martino, and Bruce Gerencser.
  • Ingrid Schlueter riffs on the announcement of the upcoming documentary “The Trials of Ted Haggard,” directed by Alexandra Pelosi, known for, among other things, Journeys with George (2002), her documentary about life on the press bus during the first George W. Bush Presidential campaign.
  • James White links to an episode of The Dividing Line where he deals with KJV Only issues.
  • Ingrid Schlueter offers her perspective on the case of Rebecca Hancock, Grace Community Church of Jacksonville, Florida, Fox News, confidentiality, church discipline, etc. No mention of special clothing, but Fox went to someone named Darrell Bock from an organization called Dallas Theological Seminary for comment.
  • Ingrid Schlueter reposted her post from a couple of days ago on Michael Farris,, and United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child at David Wheaton’s weblog.
  • James White linked a thirty-four minute video that mentions among other things arguments used both by Muslim apologists and Jehovah’s Witnesses. No transcript is available; I haven’t watched the whole video yet.

I’m looking for weblogs by KJV Only Christians. They’re a world of ODM unto themselves, and I’d be curious to see if they present arguments the same way other ODM people do. I’d like to avoid any term that ends in “-ism” and isn’t used by people to describe themselves, so I’ll happily refer to them as something else if I can find a neutral term. I believe some of them refer to themselves as “AV,” for Authorized Version.

I’ve been misspelling S-C-H-L-U-E-T-E-R the last couple of days. Sorry.