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OD Today: 27 December 2008

December 27, 2008

Today should be a slow news day, but there’s still lots to talk about regarding stories that surfaced over the holiday.

  • Dwayna Litz comments on the Ahmadinejad Christmas message, but stops just short of calling the Emerging Church anti-Semitic.
  • John Baker comments on Melissa Etheridge’s comments regarding Rick Warren, accuses Warren of double-dealing: “This is a game that Rick Warren constantly plays. He speaks one false message to the Non-Christian World, and speaks another one filled with half-Truths to those Christians who follower after him!”
  • Orrin Judd parses Moby-Dick as a metaphor for the United States and its current situation.
  • Ken Silva attacks Henri Nouwen as being “quasi-Buddhist,” mostly via his interpretation of Wil Hernandez’s book Henri Nouwen: A Spirituality of Imperfection. He repeatedly refers to Hernandez as “Fernandez.”
  • Orrin Judd says good-bye to Harold Pinter. “Any enemy of America was a friend of his. Do we really need to know any more?”
  • Ingrid Schlueter criticizes Franklin Graham for his comments on Rick Warren’s critics regarding his decision to give the invocation at the Obama inauguration. “As Joseph Farah put it, God isn’t going to bless that no matter what Warren intones at the inauguration. The Graham family has made a practice of speaking smooth, silky, easy messages to U.S. Presidents.”
  • Ingrid Schlueter picks up a One News Now story regarding Rick Warren’s support of “gay partnerships.” I think this means he supports civil unions.
  • John Sexton links to an article in the Telegraph (UK) by Nile Gardiner at the Heritage Foundation praising George W. Bush and saying history will be kinder to him than we are now.
  • Howard Fisher reviews the novel House, by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker; says he prefers the movies Signs and Unbreakable.
  • Charismania picks up the story of the pseudonymous “Living Word Church,” republishes this comment about Bob Mumford by Cindy K, both about how the pastor of a cultic church controls an inner circle. For the record, I don’t give stories that use pseudonyms much credit; they don’t and can’t rise to the “two or three witnesses” standard. On the other hand, as she notes in the comment, Cindy Kunsman names names. Bravo for Cindy!
  • Gay Christian Movement Watch calls out Candace Chellew-Hodge for using foul language on her weblog.
  • Brian Thornton links to this article about churches in foreclosure and behind on mortgage payments, asks if churches should be “cash only.”
  • Thomas Turner, one of those Emergent Church types, on the centrality of Scripture in the liturgy: “Christ is Lord of all, and he stands in the center of all as the Word of God enfleshed as Jesus of Nazareth and ever-present before us through his Spirit.” 

OD Today: 24 December 2008

December 24, 2008

I think the biggest new contribution from the ODMs overnight was a Sandy Simpson article that appeared at Tim Wirth‘s weblog and at his Nazarene-focused Psalm 11:3 weblog. It has not yet appeared in Sandy’s article list at Deception In The Church. It’s about Allelon, and it starts with a family tree of the Emerging Church movement as seen from the ODM point of view. Unfortunately the link at the Allelon site it references repeatedly has gone stale. I’d be grateful for an update.

  • Steve Camp on Obama/Warren with video from a Rick Warren appearance on MSNBC, “If ‘Pastor’ Warren was being faithful as a man of God preaching an uncompromised gospel, then those various political and religious groups wouldn’t be applauding him, they’d want to stone him.”
  • Ken Silva picks up the Margaret Manning/RZIM/Henri Nouwen letter; he has the text on his weblog, but doesn’t cite Ingrid Schlueter as being the source; perhaps he got the same letter from Manning. reposts without comment here.
  • John Baker cites The Market Oracle arguing that the current economic situation is/will be worse than the Great Depression.
  • Chuck Missler links to a Heritage Foundation column by Robert Moffit arguing that a public health plan will erode private health care, in a section on his website with a note saying he does not necessarily “agree with the information on these sites or support the specific organizations.” I think that means he agrees with the conclusion of the article but does not give his blanket endorsement to the Heritage Foundation.
  • Dwayna Litz picks up the Pope/homosexuality/climate change story without further comment.
  • James White/Dividing Line weighs in on (you guessed it) homosexuality, Rick Warren, and the Pope.
  • Dwayna Litz quotes Melissa Etheridge, highlights the section where she refers to changes on the Saddleback website “challenging membership in his church for those who are openly gay.”
  • James White goes over a million (that’s one followed by six zeros) views on YouTube. That’s roughly three thousand views per video, and nearly 22oo subscribers.
  • Ken Silva picks up Ingrid Schlueter’s endorsement of David Cloud’s book, adds links to his own posts.
  • John Baker links to a CNN/Lou Dobbs story on the prospect of an EU-style North American Union during the next Administration.
  • Michael Davis on scheduled address by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Channel 4 to the United Kingdom: “For Ahmadinejad to speak supposedly on behalf of Jesus is actually a slap-on-the-face for Christians–this is the ultimate bah humbug!–an event in the continuing war on Christmas scheduled on Christmas Day itself!”
  • Larry DeBruyn gives some background on the Magi, makes a passing reference to Jack Ruckel of Lafayette, Indiana and his mobile manger scene.
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OT Today: 23 December 2008

December 23, 2008

Here are the online discernment links for December 23, 2008:

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