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OD links regarding Richard John Neuhaus

January 9, 2009

Here are the various links regarding the death of Richard John Neuhaus:

And that’s it. Because ODMs stress culture of life issues so heavily I am a little surprised that nobody is mentioning Neuhaus, if for no other reason than to remind us that he was Roman Catholic.

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OD Today: 1 January 2009

January 1, 2009

A new year, the same old struggle in new forms. With new stories and new links!

  1. Michael Davis on an attempt by Michael Newdow and an unnamed coalition of atheist groups to remove any reference to God from the Obama inaugural. “A majority of the framers of the Constitution were alive at the time and many were present at the first inauguration. Not one of them objected to the Prayers or the references to God. Obviously their understanding of the ’separation of church and state’ was considerably different than Dr. Newdow’s et al.”
  2. Jonathan Dodson asks whether attempting to redeem the culture (as opposed to separating or embracing) is biblical. “I think so, but we must be careful not to call the creation of Christian sub-culture redemption of culture; that, of course, is often just bad culture creation and Andy Crouch recently has helped us out with that. I say, redeem, but redeem wisely!”
  3. Jean at The Virtuous Woman shares her testimony: “but God performed a supernatural work in my heart and raised dead bones to life, and behold 5 years later after I had an abortion, I was saved!”
  4. Ken Silva takes on Glenn Beck and Jesus as he his portrayed in Mormonism: “And since the Bible gives us eyewitness depositions aka Gospels from eyewitnesses, the Apostles Matthew and John, we must conclude from the extant evidence the Mormon “Jesus” is not the real Jesus.”
  5. Chris Rosebrough offers the worst moments of 2008 (audio/podcast). This installment of Fighting For The Faith is 112 minutes long, and I haven’t heard it yet.
  6. Jason Garwood offers thoughts on redemption in Scripture. “It is virtually impossible to approach Scripture without presuppositions, and if that is the case, we might as well have some good ones.”
  7. Dwayna Litz shares a couple of Stanley Monteith’s Radio Liberty episodes regarding Jeff Sharlet’s book The Family.
  8. Dwayna Litz accuses Campus Crusade of creeping Dominionism.
  9. Truth Matters relays a link to a section of Paul Washer’s sermon Ten Indictments; he says a firm grasp of the doctrine of regeneration is more important than being a Calvinist, etc. and calls himself a “five-point Spurgeonist.”
  10. James White shares a half-hour video from Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church titled “Christian Contentment in 2009.”
  11. Beaconlight/Peculiar Pilgrim shares part one of a series of book reviews from 2008.
  12. Phil Naessens calls for a day of prayer for Rick Warren on January 15, 2009.
  13. Dan Cella starts a series on what Christians need to know about the American economy in 2009. “Regardless of our political affiliation, we need to be praying specifically for the Obama Administration.”
  14. Defending Contending offers a link to a 1968 debate between Walter Martin and Madalyn Murray O’Hair.
  15. John Kubicek links to a World Net Daily/Drew Zahn puff piece on Ann Coulter. 
  16. Aaron Shafovaloff offers a thought experiment in which a prominent Protestant and/or the head of the Roman Catholic Church switch positions on a controversial issue (e.g. homosexuality) and compares that to the pre-1978 Mormon ban on black priests. “So while you could conceivably hold me accountable for sticking around my local church while my local pastor was doing or saying horrible things, you can’t accuse me of being immoral for refusing to take responsibility for someone like Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Ted Haggard (let alone any dead guy), etc.”
  17. Frank Turk declares January 2009 Global Post-Scriptural Parable Month. He offers an example.
  18. Mollie Ziegler parses press coverage of the “virginity pledge” issue. “Here’s Fox News, for instance, saying that this very limited study actually proves that ‘Abstinence-only programs do not delay the onset of intercourse.’ This study didn’t even look at abstinence-only education programs. It looked at abstinence pledges, which may or may not be a part of abstinence-only education programs.”
  19. Orrin Judd comments very briefly on a Georgie Anne Geyer column at the Washington Times about the exit interviews the outgoing President and Vice President have been doing. “He governed Texas as a compassionate conservative, ran for president as a compassionate conservative, governed America as a compassionate conservative, and leaves office proud of his record of compassionate conservatism. What could be more mysterious to the sufferer of [Bush Derangement Syndrome]?”
  20. Orrin Judd excerpts a Larry Elder column giving the history of “Barack Obama as Magic Negro.” “Elections are all about narrative and Mr. Obama just happened to fit the contours of a stock character from our cultural tradition.” For the record, I consider the term “magic Negro” distasteful and hope the ODMs give the whole narrative a miss.
  21. Orrin Judd parses a Mirko Bagaric column about Hamas, Israel, and the targeting of civilians in Gaza and Israel: “In a clash between Hamas and Israel both sides are justified–Israel ought to be allowed to live in piece by neighboring peoples and Hamas ought to be allowed to govern the nation of Palestine–but neither will achieve its aim by fighting the other, so casualties are justified, but inappropriate.”
  22. Julio Severo shares a column he contributed to LifeSiteNews about “contraceptive culture and prophecies in Revelation:” “Sanger also had profound links to Nazism.”
  23. Dwayna Litz comments on the Hebrew Roots movement and links to another article by Wendy at Joyfully Growing in Grace Ministries. Her link is broken, but I think it’s supposed to go here. “these HR followers have been given the true and “hidden” meanings of Scripture, as opposed to what the mainstream church has been teaching down through the centuries, or they profess to be enlightening us to the true meanings of Scripture which have gotten “lost” since the time of Jesus and the first century after His death.” She also deals with Hebrew Roots in an older article here.
  24. Roger Oakland shares his top 25 issues of the year for 2008. Anyone looking for a good primer on ODMs would do well to start with this list and Oakland’s summary.
  25. John Baker links to an article on Eddie Long’s Obama inauguration party.
  26. Dwayna Litz links to two posts by Cindy Kunsman, one on the Council for National Policy and another on Geoffrey Botkin/the Shepherding movement.
  27. Cindy Kunsman discusses two models for cults.
  28. Ken Silva shares email from a contrary point of view and his response regarding Mormon doctrine.
  29. Darryl Foster gives a Top 15 gay christian lies and promises to give Scripture for each item in a later post.
  30. Truth Matters gives quotes from Michael Horton’s book Christless Christianity.
  31. Darryl Foster shares a video from Celebration Church.

What’s new today? The Michael Newdow/inauguration issue, the Hebrew Roots Movement, and that’s about it. I need to do a longer piece on Jeff Sharlet’s book, and another on Dominionism as it is viewed by different groups, but not yet.

how will ODMs handle the Ted Haggard documentary?

December 21, 2008

The story of the upcoming Alexandra Pelosi documentary on Ted Haggard has already merited comment from at least one ODM; Ingrid Schlueter took the opportunity to condemn Haggard and HBO, focusing on Haggard’s sin and on HBO’s complicity in making Haggard’s behavior seem normal.

Today Mollie Ziegler at GetReligion notes a misuse of the word “excommunicate” and refers to a Fox News story that refers to Haggard’s legal relationship with the board at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO. The article focuses on Haggard’s dismissal, severance package, and the ongoing effort by New Life and its new pastor Brady Boyd to “move forward.”

I for one wonder whether the ODMs will continue to focus on the sordid details of Haggard’s sin, rather than any efforts to restore him to fellowship. I don’t expect Fox News to focus on issues of church discipline; they might reasonably view a church as just another non-profit organization. But I might expect more from people who stand guard against heterodoxy.

OD Today: 18 December 2008

December 18, 2008

Here’s a summary of the day (more or less) in online discernment:

  • John Baker suggests that the Lisa Valentine hijab case wasn’t a cut-and-dried religious freedom case.
  • Frank Pastore comments on Prop 8: The Musical.
  • John Baker calls out Pat Robertson for saying Rick Warren’s appearance at the Barack Obama invocation “makes a whole lot of sense.”
  • James White shares a video responding to an appearance by (former Christian, convert to Islam) Joshua Evans’s appearance on The Deen Show. No transcript is available; most of the discussion has to do with the relationship between the early Church and the Dead Sea Scrolls and the question of whether Jesus meant to found a religion separate from Judaism. The whole series of YouTube videos can be found here.
  • John Baker links to a post by Ingrid Schleuter taking Rick Warren to task for scheduling an appearance at the 8th Annual Muslim Public Affairs Council meeting in Long Beach, CA this Saturday.
  • John Baker interprets Mark 11:24,25 and talks about a church he left over Oneness Theology. He doesn’t name the church. He says God’s sovereignty is limited by His Word.
  • Ken Silva discusses Jesus’s position on homosexuality with Bruce Gerencser.
  • Ingrid Schlueter responds to news that (among others) homosexuals are upset at Rick Warren’s scheduled appearance at the upcoming inauguration: “I have a message for the outraged: Relax and go back to your bathhouses. It will all work out.”
  • Michael Davis links to a Christianity Today article on the plight of Iraqi Christians, comments that American soldiers typically leave their protection to Iraqi authorities. I think the issue he’s approaching here is the question of how the troops from a Christian nation could decline to intervene on behalf of native Christians, especially when the troops are one of the reasons the indigenous Christians are under pressure.
  • John Baker comments on a letter to WBRZ (Channel 2, Baton Rouge, LA) by a man offended when “a minister gave an invocation that spoke only of Jesus Christ.”
  • John Baker links to a Fox News article referring to an article on global warming by AP science writer Seth Borenstein, focusing on the reaction by global warming skeptics David Deming, Michael R. Fox, and James O’Brien.
  • Mollie Ziegler parses the Lisa Valentine/hijab story.
  • Ingrid Schlueter announces a Crosstalk episode to the Warren/Obama inauguration: “I’ll be discussing the issue of neutrality on moral issues in light of Rick Warren’s agreement to pray for God’s blessing on Barack Obama’s Administration which is committed to the unspeakable evil of child killing, among other things.”
  • James White broaches the subject of “KJV Onlyism.”
  • James White nearly admits to being a baby-eating Calvinist. He also recognizes the primary purpose of the World Wide Web, namely as a repository for pictures of housecats.
  • Ken Silva posted a summary of a discussion he had regarding the question of Christian homosexuals with Dave Marriott, Erica Martino, and Bruce Gerencser.
  • Ingrid Schlueter riffs on the announcement of the upcoming documentary “The Trials of Ted Haggard,” directed by Alexandra Pelosi, known for, among other things, Journeys with George (2002), her documentary about life on the press bus during the first George W. Bush Presidential campaign.
  • James White links to an episode of The Dividing Line where he deals with KJV Only issues.
  • Ingrid Schlueter offers her perspective on the case of Rebecca Hancock, Grace Community Church of Jacksonville, Florida, Fox News, confidentiality, church discipline, etc. No mention of special clothing, but Fox went to someone named Darrell Bock from an organization called Dallas Theological Seminary for comment.
  • Ingrid Schlueter reposted her post from a couple of days ago on Michael Farris,, and United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child at David Wheaton’s weblog.
  • James White linked a thirty-four minute video that mentions among other things arguments used both by Muslim apologists and Jehovah’s Witnesses. No transcript is available; I haven’t watched the whole video yet.

I’m looking for weblogs by KJV Only Christians. They’re a world of ODM unto themselves, and I’d be curious to see if they present arguments the same way other ODM people do. I’d like to avoid any term that ends in “-ism” and isn’t used by people to describe themselves, so I’ll happily refer to them as something else if I can find a neutral term. I believe some of them refer to themselves as “AV,” for Authorized Version.

I’ve been misspelling S-C-H-L-U-E-T-E-R the last couple of days. Sorry.